Posted on: July 11, 2010 11:29 am

Sunday Morning's and Sports

    Aaahhh. The best morning of the week and the best day of the week. For a True Sports Fan, Sunday is the day we wait for all week, it makes Monday thru Saturday somewhat easier to deal with. It doesn't matter which Major sport you may follow, they all seem to culminate on Sunday and for the family to participate in. A few examples; NFL the Holy of all Holy's, MLB all day games, NBA the primo matchups, PGA the final round. See what I mean, this isn't an accident. 
    I don't know if it is just my thinking, but doesn't it seem that Sports is a or has become a religous experiance. I don't mean that as a btch slap to any Diety religous belief for I respect all and any Diety worship. I for one know we all will hit our knees when the time calls for it regardless how, when, where you practice it. What I mean when I say "religous" is that Sports itself is an uplifting and a spiritual experiance for True Sports Fans. Am I crazy? Naw. I just a have a little conspiracy theory in my blood, that's from my generation (X-files and Nixon) and my military brat upbringing. Back to my belief. Sunday is the day of rest, right? Is is also the day the majority of Americans worship God, yes? Yep no doubt there. So, when the T.V. executives (demigods) well in thier minds anyway, started programming (Holy Bible for Networks) trust me on that analogy, Sunday was the day for Sports (worship), because the entire family will be at home (church). Well we used to be at home back when the T.V. executives first started this religion in the 60's and 70's.        
    T.V. was the shts back then, even though we only had 3 or 4 channels, it was an experiance. I was a small kid in the mid 60's, yep my age is showing, but I remember all T.V. since those times. well sports T.V. first. Hey, I was watching Raider football on Tennessee with my Father, Uncles, and Grandfather, when they switched to Heidi. That is true, I swear, hand to Pete Rozelle.
    These are not the ramblings of a sports madman, or an old sports codger, well maybe they are. Regardless, I believe that it's no accident Sunday is a religous day for sports and for that I give thanks. Later.  

Posted on: July 10, 2010 11:32 am

NBA still on my mind ?

   Can anyone remember he last time we were still talking about the NBA in the middle of July? Have we forgotton the MLB All Star game is this week? Geez, Sunday is the World Cup Finals!! Ok, forget about that one. The freaking NFL starts exhibition games in less then a month. Is Brett playing this year? Will da Saints compete for a repeat? Come on, I am an old school Saints fan and there are at least a few hundred of us thinking about that.
   Yes, I have a point somewhere in my ramblings. Oh yea, never have we been so turned on by the NBA since Michael announced he was playing baseball and off he went to the minors. Yep, that was some crap, huh Bulls fans. OK enough of the past, let me jump on this Lebron, Dwayne, Chris bandwagon. My wife is folding laundry and is giving me the look to help out.
   People, please get over this. Get a sports life!! Move on!! It's done, nothing we do or say or love or hate is going to change what has happened. I understand the venting or the love fest, it is completely normal. What isn't normal for any true sports fan is continuing this. There are about 4 months before the truth starts to show itself, and then another 5 months to watch it. Reminder to myself, get the NBA package, gotta watch Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and Orlando out East and I have not forgotten the Thunder from 2 months ago, they are real and damn fun to watch.  Oh man, socks are flying at me, signs for me to fold my rags and put them away, she must have been telling me and as a True Sports Fan I wasn't listening. Love da Life. 

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